A Cup of Coffee and My Kindle

coffee and kindle

coffe and booksIt might come as no surprise that I can read and write – and I learned to do both of these without the use of technology, or at least the way we use technology today.  As I sit here sipping my coffee and reading, my thoughts begin brewing the concept of modern literacy.

What does it mean to be literate in the contemporary education setting?

Does technology play a role for our young students’ development of literacy and communication skills?

How can technology promote our primary students capacity to think critically and become proficient with the requisite 21st century learning competencies?

special-blend-coffee-granuled-500gHave a seat, and let me pour you a cup of my special blend of technology infused instructional strategies.  LUNGO11I believe technology lets the learner try a new varietal of beans – affording them a chance to stretch their thinking –kind of like an Espresso Lungo – and improve their critical thinking.

Think Espresso – pulling out the heart of the bean heart cup….education needs to pull out the heart of the academic meaning – instead of spending time 6229921-i-love-coffee-heart-of-the-coffee-beansrecalling facts that are easily Googled we should be tasking our learners to explore how to take this information think about it more deeply and  apply it to a new context…It is a twist on education much like a Café Romano

cafe romano

When I discuss the new education blend with my parents, I share Prensky’s (2008) contention… if our ancestors fought advancement we might all be walking around telling time with sundials on our wrists.

sundial watch 6

As with everything, there is good and bad with technological advancements.  Estes (2011) shared evidence i thinkbrain on coffeesuggesting the brain exhibits increased reactions in those who use the Internet to search and explore as compared to a traditional reader, much like the reaction of brain stimulation with respect to a cup of coffee.  However, she was memory lossalso cautious to note that the multitasking associated with using the Internet can lead to memory loss.

I understand Carr’s (2008) declaration that computer technology is minimizing the brainpower; but I challenge this thinking.  As educators, we must be wise and not to toss the baby out with the wise owlbathwater when we try to implement new technologies…

…yet at the same time, we must be willing to take chances with innovative approaches,  even if it means getting messy and making mistakes. messy coffee

Digital technologies offer a host of advantages in for my learners,how-to-ask-for-a-coffee-on-your-trips_529ef95de2318
games that support math, language, and literacy as well as rich meaningful “realia”
that exposes my learners to the far reaches of the world that were once elusive
and so distant, students might never ever see or learn of it



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