The Coffee Shop is Closed

Alas, my blogging adventure is drawing to an end – I am on my last sip of coffee and the closed sign on the coffeehouse door is about to illuminate.  Perhaps this is the end of my blogging days – or – perhaps not – only time will tell. 


But, until I finish this cup, let me introduce you to some of my friends (Walden colleagues) who also have been brewing up some words of wisdom about innovations in the educational coffeehouse.  As we came together in this course 11 weeks ago, many of us had never met; but in the virtual world we discussed and shared ideas, questioned and extended our thoughts about new constructs (sometimes we liked the flavor of the brew, while other times, it just was not our cup of “coffee”. There are three innovations I came across that could be applied to my learning context … the primary classroom.

twitter coffee (1)

Kendra shared how the social media platform Twitter can reenergize one’s teaching effort – Twitter is that triple shot of espresso you sometimes need when your routines become mundane.

Twitter allows teachers to share and find new ideas and communicate with others to support continued professional growth.  As a primary teacher, I am always looking for fun and exciting ways to incorporate subject matter – I might have to set this cup of coffee down and go tweet!

giant cup of coffeeLisa presented a fantastic expose on DuoLingo.  She noted both the pros and cons of the language gaming app.  While it might not be intended to teach an individual how to speak a new language (even though the site claims 34 hours of DuoLingo equates to a semester of language at the university level – I’ll need a gigantic cup of coffee to stay awake 34 hours!), it certainly is a fun way to explore words and meanings.  This would be a terrific tool to use with my little language learners to strengthen their English vocabulary skills and possibly improve their English speaking abilities…

java_girl_euro_oval_sticker_regular_mugHola, mi nombre is JavaGirl!

cappuccino in handLaurie highlighted an amazing resource called visible body 3-D.  While Laurie teachers pre-service nurses, my thoughts are there must be amazing resources related to my primary learner’s mandated competencies.  Virtual reality – the next best thing to the real thing.  Okay except if we are talking a steaming cappuccino – this picture is not nearly as good as the one I am holding in my hands now ..But think about it – if you can’t take a class of 24 first graders on a cross country tour to visit the American symbols and monuments then why not create a virtual trip.

caramel mac

There is so much we can do with technology to engage our learners and enrich the current curriculum.  It takes teachers willing to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.  SO put that caramel macchiato down and order something new!  C’mon go for it – you just might find it is better CoffeeArtthan what you relied on in the past.  Also – just because it doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t –sometimes you have to keep trying it – let’s be real, the first time you took a sip of coffee it wasn’t all that great, most likely it was an acquired taste and now you can’t live without it!

On a personal note… as I exit this blog I am embarking on the final section of my PhD journey – my coursework is now complete and I am onto the final phase – my dissertation. Best of luck to those who enter the coffeehouse behind me – you can do it.  Perhaps I will start a new blog detailing my dissertation journey – perhaps not – only time will tell…

Ahhhhh there it is the last sip is gone, and the closed sign is out…


Cheers friends!



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