Sheryl Coenen

Sheryl C LR-25

I am a mother, wife, elementary school teacher, and Ph.D. student in Walden University’s School of Education specializing in learning, instruction, and innovation.  I have always dreamed of earning my Ph.D., but can honestly say it has not been the easiest journey.  Perhaps this is why I am passionate about making a positive difference for all learners.  I have taught upper and primary elementary grades and hope to teach preservice elementary teachers in the future.  I enjoy spending time with my family, tending to our pet chickens, and watching the grapes grow in our home vineyard – oh and of course, relaxing with a cup of coffee as the sun rises!

So, please join me for a cup of coffee and a critical conversation on how we can provide all learners with a rewarding and enriching academic experience!


3 thoughts on “Sheryl Coenen”

  1. I am so lucky to be the mom of boys who appreciate the value of education – thank you for supporting me during my journey – I hope I can always be there for you during your academic quests! xo


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